Lichens Used by Navajo Weavers
Navajos began weaving sometime before Spaniards came to the new world. Juan de Onate introduced Churro sheep to the New World. Their wool took dye easily, and it was perfectly suited for the robes and bedding needed to protect the Navajo from the bitter cold of the desert winter. The dyes used by Navajo weavers then were mostly from plant matter, ranging from tree roots, bark and nuts, to native shrubs, grasses and lichen. A single ground lichen is used by the Navajo as a dyeing agent. It is known formally as Xanthoparmelia chlorochroma.
My biggest fear is that you aren’t different from my last.
You’re the same man he was, only stronger and bigger.
My biggest fear is you’ll take over my life like my last
and this time: i don’t stand a chance.
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Navajo Kindergartner Sent Home from School, Ordered to Cut His Hair
On Monday, a 5-year-old Native American boy was sent home on his first day of school and ordered to cut his hair short because it allegedly violated district policy, the boy’s mother said.The child, Malachi Wilson, an enrolled citizen of the Navajo Nation, had been looking forward to his first day of kindergarten at F.J. Young Elementary in Seminole, Texas.


to navajos cutting your hair is losing your knowledge..this is some boarding school shit

If you have the person you really want. You are one lucky fucker

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I don’t have to wake up in the morning and see smeared make up and dried up tears on my pillow to know that the hole in my heart is still aching. Before you left, I used to breathe in sunsets and blue skies when I spoke your name. Now every time someone asks me how I’m doing, my teeth throb and my throat burns as I try to find the strength to tell them I forgive you for smoking me like your last cigarette, even though you didn’t even have the time to put me out in an ash tray.

-They told me I’d have to forgive you if I wanted to let you go. (via jayda-mane)

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